Doubling Down

Trailblazing homeowners (they might be your neighbors...) are building personal wealth as stewards of Denver's sustainable growth. Their secret is a modest yet incredible tool called an Accessory Dwelling unit or ADU. You could join them.

Doubling Down

What can an ADU do for you?

ADUs provide extra space, income, and flexibility to homeowners of all ages and abilities from “empty nesters” with aging parents or boomerang kids to new families looking to invest in real-estate. Typically a detached building on the same site of an existing single family home, ADUs can function as independent rental units with their own kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, entrances, and parking while also providing extra storage and space for a home hobby or office. Best of all, they can accommodate your changing needs and desires, providing financial security when you need it and bonus space when you want it.


  • ADU Feasibility Study (START HERE!)

    ADUs can provide an incredible investment and lifestyle opportunities to homeowners. Sadly however, current Denver zoning code only allows ADUs on very specific zoned lots that meet very stringent requirements. The incredible length and opacity of the zoning code makes it very challenging to decipher not only if you are allowed to build an ADU, but also the limitations of the ADU's built form. We are here to decode the code to reveal if you can build an ADU and uncover the full extent of that development opportunity. We help you evaluate how an ADU can not only meet your needs but realize your dreams.

  • Pre-Design Planning

    Design requires a lot of important leg work before drawing ever begins. On one end of the spectrum there is the technical work of surveying your property and exploring financing option with a lender and on the other end their is the abstract work of articulating your personal needs and defining your personal design taste. Collecting, analyzing, and translating this information can be both daunting and stressful. However, our pre-design planning process makes this effort both efficient and fun. After guiding you through these early challenges, we provide you with a pre-design planning package that contains a clear roadmap of where you are, where you want to go, and the tools you will need to get there.

  • Architectural Design

    Homes tell stories—stories of people and stories of place. By building ADUs, you are writing new chapter in the story of your life and the life of your community. As experts, we facilitate a process that empowers you to find and refine your voice before that next chapter begins. Our approach builds a foundation of trust as a base for discovery. We expect the unexpected, and so should you. Building a custom designed home is a once in a lifetime opportunity— it is also a responsibility. We take that responsibility very seriously. We do so by having fun. Architecture is a process, not an outcome or product. Building is both a noun and a verb. We ensure you write a great story with both.

  • Property Management

    ADUs provide a wide range of potential opportunities, both social and financial. If you ever decide to rent your ADU, we provide services that help you find and maintain great renters, saving you time and energy.


When it gets fun to say, you are getting it right. Studiobvio means “dedication to the everyday”. We coined the term from latin roots to express our approach. We believe that the typical humdrum spaces of our day-to-day life should not be humdrum, NAY!, they should be awesome. We believe that everyone deserves to be delighted everyday by the experience of thoughtful, beautiful, and functional spaces. We help our client bring these everyday awesome spaces to life.

  • Annie Martin

    Annie Martin

    Architect, Founding Principal

  • Will Martin

    Will Martin

    Founding Principal

Goings on

We are constantly striving to gain more knowledge and build a bigger community of dedicated Denverites working to make the city Awesome. When possible we document that pursuit.

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